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Game Engine Developer (22213)

£highly competitive + package

senior C++ professional, systems development, compsci, break into games

Bored of the hamster wheel of std::development or filling out research grants? Looking to stretch your mental muscles and work on cutting edge cross-platform tech? Like to see your name in the credits of top PC and console games?

A top games company with an international reputation is looking beyond the walls of the games industry to attract talented C++ software developers to join them. Their enviable game engine tech includes fully optimised cross-platform infrastructure covering everything from hardware control, ultra-fast C++ maths libraries, dynamic physics-based animation to asset streaming, massively multiplayer online play and artificial intelligence.

You don’t need games-specific experience or to know anything about the above topics – but you’d better find them exciting things to work on if you’d like to work here! You’ll need to be an experienced C++ developer who can think both architecturally and to a fine grain of optimisation, and you’ll be excited to learn more about blocking vs non-blocking concurrency, CPU instruction pipelining, cache misses and branch mispredictions.

You may come from a desktop, embedded or online background, from straight up and down business software or academic research – if you can cut a dash as a senior software professional, discuss computer science with depth and flair (thanks to your top degree and experience), and craft elegant C++ with grace under pressure, do get in touch.

Keywords: senior C++ professional, systems development, compsci, break into games

Please note: your CV should put across your best points for this role – if in doubt, attach a cover note detailing your suitability and interest. You only get one chance to make a first impression! We do read all CVs, and there may well be other opportunities that you would be suited to. And of course, we always get your permission before submitting your CV to a company. We are an equal opportunities agency.

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