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What our candidates say.

If you'd like to know what it's like to work with us, here are some words from our candidates.

Working with ecm.

“My interactions with ECM were overwhelmingly positive and made you the only recruitment consultants I would be happy to actively recommend. You were very helpful and supportive through out the process and didn't flood my inbox with inappropriate jobs or seem to give up after 5 minutes despite my being picky enough to reduce the number of opportunities out there to a relative trickle. I've already recommended you to those of my friends who work in the sector and are thinking about changing jobs in the near future and I'll do the same for any more as they come up - some of them at least will doubtless contact you sooner than later.”

“Yes, I would definitely recommend ECM to a friend or colleague - 10/10. In my experience the service has been excellent. [My consultant] has been very helpful and professional in respect of job leads, information and advice.”

“I found ECM extremely helpful in finding jobs as well as guidance through the interview process. I would most certainly use ECM again.”

“I found your recruiter worked very hard to find me a job, and come up with some good ideas that I hadn't thought of myself. The whole experience was a pleasure, and I would definitely use ECM again!”

“You would be my first choice. in my experience recruitment agencies come in two flavours - (a) those that take some time and trouble to match candidates and roles, and (b) those that appear totally clueless and try to match everyone to every opportunity, making it a nightmare to use job sites. As a software engineer I've batted away of lot of hardware design roles over the years! Obviously ECM are firmly in category (a).”

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