We don't use cookies

Cookies are very small text files that are stored on your computer when you visit some websites.

There are other types of cookie-like data some websites use as well, such as local storage and session storage.

ECM have updated our website not to set or require cookies or any such equivalents for visitors, other than our own staff. This is why you won't see a cookie-related popup message from us asking you to acknowledge or opt in or out.

If you ask your web browser, you shouldn't find any cookies (or similar) – even old ones – there from us, since we've taken pains to remove them. If you do, clearing your browser cache should remove them, and they shouldn't come back. (If they do, let us know.) But don't worry, since even if this data was there, we no longer use it, nor do we pass it to third parties.

In addition, we do not store or track other information, such as your IP address, nor transmit it to third parties. Only data you explicitly give us (for example, when sending your CV) is associated with you, and we do not associate data with your computer, web browser or IP address.

In the event that we need to gather analytics on this website, these will be anonymised through mechanisms such irreversable time-sensitive salted one way hashing, and therefore will not be able to be traced back to any individual visitor nor identify an individual's browsing patterns over time on our website or anywhere else.

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