ECM's Salary and Benefits Report 2020 analyses up-to-date information surveyed directly from client companies and gathered indirectly from recent data covering job seekers, vacancies and placement data. Its findings allow companies to compare salary levels and benefits packages, to ensure they retain key staff and can continue to attract the most highly sought-after candidates.

Amongst the Report’s findings:

  • At the lower end of experience there has there has been a steady increase in salaries commanded by good software developers, particularly those with Computer Science degrees (rather than Physicists, Mathematicians etc).

  • The difficulty of satisfying the demand for good technical staff continues to be a major constraint on high-tech companies’ growth. Many respondents – and this is our experience at ECM – indicate that in 2019 candidates were in even shorter supply than in previous years.

  • Consequently, recruitment activity last year was at a little subdued, particularly in Q4, but appeared to be bouncing back strongly at in early 2020. Areas of growth include machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence, and in particular the broad areas of healthcare and medtech.

  • A large proportion of respondents have further, significant growth plans for 2020. While many intend to expand by 10% or more (with very small companies this means only a few additional people, of course), a significant proportion expect over 20%, and a few by 50% or even more.

Martin Constantinides, Director, says:

“In general, in the course of our work at ECM, we collect a large amount of data about the salaries and benefits being offered in the local area. We’ve always been happy to provide informal advice to our clients so they can ensure their packages remain competitive.

“Since 2008 we’ve produced a formal, annual Report based on detailed surveys of the salaries and benefits being offered. Clients surveyed range from those with under 10 employees, up to large enterprises.

“Our survey provides a general guide – obviously individual benefits packages vary considerably with a particular company’s situation. We are happy to continue to offer advice to clients old and new on a case-by-case basis.”

Advance copies of the Report have already been sent to participating clients, but it is now available more generally. Please contact ECM for details of the survey.