In recent weeks ECM released our annual salary and benefits report to participating clients, with data drawn from surveyed clients, permanent placements in 2022, and current vacancies registered with ECM across the region.

Whilst the end of 2022 appeared tumultous for the largest publically-traded companies, and has excercabated issues experienced by smaller businesses, overall the trend is positive and the job market healthy.

Across software, electronics, mechanical engineering, management positions, consultancy and the appied sciences, ECM have a diversity of opportunities open to top candidates, especially those who have an already-developed specialism or strong generalist tech skills, applicable to commercial work.

Participating client companies have full access to the report, its wealth of data and our views, and future participants from amongst our clients are very welcome so do contact us if you'd like to participate in future.

If you're a candidate considering a move, it remains an ideal time - we're happy to have a confidential 1:1 discussion with you about the opportunities out there, and we don't send out your CV unless you explicitly ask us to in each case. Register with ECM or call us to discuss. We have a weekly newsletter with all the latest opportunities, so tell us if you'd like to receive that.

If you're a hiring manager or recruitment professional in our field, we're happy to speak with you or you can tell us about a vacancy and we'll contact you to discuss.

Finally, ECM is hiring consultants as we continue to grow. If you've a strong technical background in an area for which we recruit - as all of our consultants have - and you'd like a more business- and people-focused role with autonomy in a relaxed, professional atmosphere in Cambridge, why not read more about working for ECM.