Thank you to everyone we met at the recent Computer Labs Supporters’ Club Recruitment Fair. The “Prime Suspect” quiz we held generated a lot of interest.

As background for the quiz, qualifying answers must (1) be a 3-digit prime number; (2) all digits added together must equal a prime number; (3) be the highest, most unique number (the smallest number of individuals answering with that prime number, ideally just one!). This last point caused a lot of interest and use of game-theory for providing answers.

The obvious answer was 991 which many hoped would be overlooked by others (it was though the second most frequent answer), and the second largest (977; most frequent answer). The highest unique 3-digit-prime-numbers were: 919, 911, 883 and 881.

Special mention goes to the following: India-Jane Barry; Callum Iddon; Viktor Toth; Chris Baish; Peter Rugg; Kalper Walentynowicz – not prize winners this time but thanks for entering!

The ECM Prize Winners are:

  • Momcilo TOPALOVIC
  • Tom BENN

Winners are asked to email us on to claim their cash prize. Claims must be made before 5pm on 12th December 2018.

If you know the winners, do get them to get in touch with us. Do also check back to our website as we regularly host a brainbuster competition (prize is £200 of Amazon vouchers).