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ECM Selection completes MBO

19th June 2020 – High-tech recruitment expert firm ECM Selection has completed a Management Buy Out, led by the firm's new Directors, Mr Dan Archer and Dr Keith Tan. The former directors of long-standing and good reputation, Mr Martin Constantinides and Mr Graeme Jones, have retired from ECM on good terms.

Dr Tan joined ECM 10 years previously and holds a PhD from Imperial College, and a Masters from the University of Cambridge; prior to joining ECM his commercial interests included scientific R&D and financial investments. Mr Archer joined ECM 9 years ago, and holds a 1st class degree in Computing from the University of East Anglia; prior to joining ECM he had a successful career as a software developer for a variety of top Cambridge companies, across a number of sectors, including clients of ECM. Together they bring nearly 20 years of recruitment experience, and significant business acumen reinforced by their time together at ECM.

Dr Tan says, “ECM is amongst the longest serving and best reputed recruitment companies in the Cambridge area, and in high technology in the UK overall. For over 30 years, ECM has offered a personal service to highly qualified candidates and clients from startups to multinationals.” Mr Jones adds, “We ourselves took up the reins at ECM 20 years ago through an MBO of our own, along with our then colleagues Garry Collis and Jim Sholicar.” Mr Constantinides concurs. “Dan and Keith have been taking on significant responsibility from us for some years now, and have been fully involved in all aspects of the business, so this is a natural culmination for all of us. Graeme and I have every confidence that their stewardship will lead the company to continued, and greater, success in the future.”

Whilst it's a challenging time for companies in the UK of all sizes, Mr Jones observes, “ECM have weathered the dot com bubble, multiple recessions, and the banking crisis, and now COVID-19.” Dr Tan agrees, “Thanks to our reputation and our clients, and the way we do business, our personal approach, ECM is in a very good place. We'll continue to offer our unique service and help clients and candidates with renewed vigour.”

Mr Archer says, “We are delighted to have completed this process, and look forward to the future. As always we have a lot of work to do, COVID-19 has certainly kept us busy, and we've had to adapt quickly. Really the credit for our recent success relies, as it always has, on our team here, and on the relationships we've built over many years with both clients and candidates.”

Mr Archer and Dr Tan also extended their thanks to Heidi Jones, Nick Burnett and their colleagues at Birketts, a top 100 UK law firm whose legal advice and hard work was invaluable in facilitating the deal.

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