Across ECM's 30+ year history operating in high-tech sector recruitment across Cambridge, London, Oxford and the UK we have a long track record of sponsorships and partnerships with leading universities, technical conferences, clubs, societies and other events.

If your organisation, department or group is seeking corporate sponsorship, and your membership or audience is tied to the high-tech sector in which ECM operate, packages are available tailored to the event in question.

In particular, our interest is vested in a cohort predominently consisting of current or future scientists, engineers, technological leaders and entrepreneurs.

For example:

  • University departments within science, engineering, technology and mathematics
  • Careers events at leading academic institutions
  • Scientific, engineering and software development conferences and events
  • Clubs and societies whose membership is substantially drawn from prominent tech companies and/or leading universities' science, mathematics or engineering departments

Please contact with full details of your group or event, your particular needs and ROI. Proposals are reviewed on a case by case basis and package availability is limited. We would engage directly with the organisation in question rather than with intermediary third parties. ECM's decision is final.

Please note that ECM are not able to sponsor individuals, nor assist with visa sponsorship processes or immigration.