Starting in 2008 ecm have produced an annual Report based on an in-depth survey of the salaries and benefits offered by their clients. The last full Report was published in January and provided a guide to job offers competitive at that time. During 2017 ecm are also offering quarterly updates on the state of the high-tech recruitment market.

The Q2 2017 Update

Over the course of the last year, we have seen a slow but steady increase in demand for experience with Python.

I had previously drafted this text:

Finally, after legal challenges, Lords 'revolts', debates over what kind of exit, and seemingly endless discussion, Article 50 has been triggered. So perhaps we'll get at least a brief rest from Brexit wrangling. DV!

Then we get another General Election! DOH!! Perhaps things will be clearer (hah!) by the time of the next update.


Please contact ecm for details of our annual report. The next quarterly update is due in July.