Starting in 2008 ecm have produced an annual Report based on an in-depth survey of the salaries and benefits offered by their clients. The last full Report was published in January and provided a guide to job offers competitive at that time. During 2017 ecm are also offering quarterly updates on the state of the high-tech recruitment market.

The Q3 2017 Update

As reported by the BBC, a recent Open University survey found that UK employers are having to pay "well above market rate" to attract new employees as the skills shortage intensifies.

Further, it stated that candidates' uncertainty over Brexit (now where have we heard that before?) is making the skills gap worse. But never fear, our government has a clear idea of what it wants to achieve in the ongoing Brexit negotiations, no?

In any case, ecm's recent experience - top candidates seem to be in even shorter supply than usual - certainly squares with the report's findings.

Please contact ecm for details of our annual report. The next quarterly update is due in October.