Starting in 2008 ecm have produced an annual Report based on an in-depth survey of the salaries and benefits offered by their clients. The last full Report was published in January 2016 and provided a guide to job offers competitive at that time. During 2016 ecm are offering quarterly updates on the state of the high-tech recruitment market.

The Q4 2016 Update

So, what kind of Brexit can we expect? Soft, hard, Golidlocks, clean...? Most likely a messy, protracted Brexit when (and IF) it actually happens.

We can report that here at ecm we have so far seen 'business as usual' with only the occasional company (and jobseeker) saying explicitly that Brexit has affected their outlook.

On another subject (thankfully), one of my colleagues mentioned about postdocs' salary expectations. Are the salary levels paid for postdoctoral contracts - especially in London - distorting the expectations for starting salaries paid for 'fresh' PhDs and postdocs? We are see candidates without any commercial experience asking for (and in some cases achieving) starting salaries in the £40k region. Maybe not so surprising when postdoc contracts are advertised at this level.

Time is of the essence. There's many a slip 'twixt cup and lip. There's some truth in these sayings in relation to high-tech recruitment, particularly when the demand for good people so outstrips the supply. We've seen a number of cases where great candidates have 'got away' due to simple delays. Frustration all round... Moral - if you're recruiting and have seen the candidate you want, move as quickly as you possibly can. If for some reason an interviewer isn't available, try to find a way to advance things in the meantime. And keep candidates close, keep them informed. [Rant over]

Please contact ecm for details of our annual report. The next full report is due at the beginning of January.