What our candidates say.

If you'd like to know what it's like to work with us, here are some words from our candidates.

Working with ecm.

“I would certainly use ECM again, you have always been proactive in offering me potential roles and been quick to supply feedback whether positive or negative, which helped me to develop and improve my interview technique and approach to each interview. You're consultants have always been considerate towards me and treated me as an individual, which can be difficult, as you are often inundate with potential candidates all clambering for your attention and I've certainly had less favourable dealing with other agencies in my time seeking a new role.”

“As an entry level job seeker, since the job market is a completely new world for you, you might like to be assisted from people who address all your questions with kindness and commitment during the whole application process. That's what you find in ECM. The kind of relationship you develop with ECM recruiters is more than the cold recruiter/job seeker relationship. In particular [my consultant] kept in contact with me even months after my first registration with ECM, asking for updates and advancing me brand new job positions always with established high-tech firms with a great care toward my core skills. Furthermore what most I appreciated was that in case I asked for time to correctly choose between several opportunities, ECM didn't push me. I'll definitely keep in touch with ECM for my future career advancements.”

“I would use ECM again. I feel you tried to match my preferences well to job roles.”

“You would be my first choice. in my experience recruitment agencies come in two flavours - (a) those that take some time and trouble to match candidates and roles, and (b) those that appear totally clueless and try to match everyone to every opportunity, making it a nightmare to use job sites. As a software engineer I've batted away of lot of hardware design roles over the years! Obviously ECM are firmly in category (a).”

“Just wanted to say a big thankyou for all your help. It's been a pleasure and should I find myself searching again in the future, I will contact you.”

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