What our candidates say.

If you'd like to know what it's like to work with us, here are some words from our candidates.

Working with ecm.

“My interactions with ECM were overwhelmingly positive and made you the only recruitment consultants I would be happy to actively recommend. You were very helpful and supportive through out the process and didn't flood my inbox with inappropriate jobs or seem to give up after 5 minutes despite my being picky enough to reduce the number of opportunities out there to a relative trickle. I've already recommended you to those of my friends who work in the sector and are thinking about changing jobs in the near future and I'll do the same for any more as they come up - some of them at least will doubtless contact you sooner than later.”

“Quite positively different from many other agencies. I very much appreciated the professionalism and also the time and effort taken to understand specific personal situations (e.g. relocation, commute aspects). Therefore next time I am looking, I shall definitely rely again on ECM - and in the meantime I would, as I did during past few years, continue receiving the newsletter / job updates just in case.”

“I hadn't used a recruitment agency before so can only compare ECM with the recruiters who contacted me as a result of my CV going up on Indeed (who weren't very helpful), and also with some experience of recruiters' methods through helping with the hiring process whilst at [former companies]. I believe [my consultant] put significant effort into finding the right small number of vacancies based on understanding my skill set and (by extension) into finding the right selection of candidates for your clients. He also chased my application to the seriously-interesting company past the phone interview stage, while they dithered a bit - they liked me but I wasn't an exact fit to the job specs they had. I found [my consultant]'s practical, helpful and realistic approach reassuring at a time when I'd been shocked by finding myself unemployed.”

“ECM stands out from other recruitment companies because they take the time to have a conversation with you, which during the stressful time of redundancy is very reassuring. They don't only match jobs on a few keywords from your CV, they take the time to understand your strengths and think laterally.”

“Yes, I would absolutely recommend ECM and I would use ECM services again in the future. One constructive criticism I would like to emphasise is that it can take a long time since a candidate applies for a role to the moment he/she gets interviewed (up to 3-4 weeks). I have seen this happening a lot for different companies and different recruitment agencies, so I guess is something inherent to the recruitment process in UK. From my point of view, if you managed to get this time shortened, this could make a difference for you and your candidates.”

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