What our candidates say.

If you'd like to know what it's like to work with us, here are some words from our candidates.

Working with ecm.

“I had a few interviews via ECM... All I got from any other recruiter was vague jam-tomorrow promises.”

“You would be my first choice. in my experience recruitment agencies come in two flavours - (a) those that take some time and trouble to match candidates and roles, and (b) those that appear totally clueless and try to match everyone to every opportunity, making it a nightmare to use job sites. As a software engineer I've batted away of lot of hardware design roles over the years! Obviously ECM are firmly in category (a).”

“Working with ECM was the best experience I have had with a recruiter to this point in my career. Communication was pro-active, clear and friendly. It always felt like ECM had my interests in mind, were looking for the right roles for my requirements and were never pushy or trying to guide me into anything simply to get a candidate placement. ECM would certainly be the first company I would contact were I to be looking for a job again in future.”

[My consultant] was very good.”

“Both of the companies that I sent a CV out to directly did not even have the decency to reply back to me, so I decided to use a recruitment specialist. If you are looking for a programming career in Cambridgeshire I would recommend ECM Selection as they did a wonderful job advising me on my CV and helping me to get the job that I really wanted.”

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