Get free advice on how best to put your degree to work, with some of the UK's top tech companies - large and small. They offer roles in software, electronics, maths modelling and mechanical design. In cutting edge areas such as: financial modelling, bioinformatics, medical devices, instrumentation, robotics, 3D algorithm design, signal processing, machine learning, mobile comms, cloud computing, IoT, security, ...

Over the coming months, consultants from ecm will be available for you to speak with at major careers fairs hosted by leading university departments. Confirmed are:

  • Cambridge University Computing Department Careers Fair, Friday 17th November 2017 [already held]

  • Southampton University ECS Engineering & Technology Fair, Tuesday 13th February 2018

See the articles listings nearer the time for further details of each event.

pictured: ecm at a recent careers fair

We look forward to meeting you - do come and try any challenges on the ECM whiteboard!